We are a team of enthusiastic teachers who are qualified up to the eyeballs and want to get you or your kids excited about music, performing and learning. We provide a fun, rewarding and safe environment for you to learn in

You, the learner will always be at the heart of our core values. Have a look at our (DBS checked) teachers and what they do!

Meet the Teachers

We are an exciting new music academy in the heart of Lancashire. We love Music

Meet the Teachers

Meet the Teachers.



Chris has been playing since the age of 7 and has achieved his grade 8 with Trinity College London. With over 13 years of experience he is able to tailor your lesson to your favourite style.

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Experienced teacher of children and adults alike, Robbyn is a great addition to our team

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Tom K


Tom is a former student of ours who has shown such dedication to guitar. He is experienced with teaching young people and teens.

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Singing // Piano // Guitar

Amber is a young professional musician who specializes in vocal training. Her ability to play piano and guitar really makes her lessons shine.

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Anthony is a classically trained pianist with a great understanding of theory and performance.

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Liz is a woodwind wizardess. As well as teaching sax, flute, clarinet and recorder Liz is part of a 10 piece soul band who have supported Madness!

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Guitar // Banjo // Bass

20 years experience playing guitar and over 10 years as a solo artist and in bands. Alan specialises in teaching beginners Guitar and Banjo lessons. He also teaches beginners Bass Guitar and Ukulele. Alan can guide Banjo players through Celtic, Clawhammer and Bluegrass styles.

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Martin has ten years teaching experience in a wide range of ages and abilities. He’s very proud of his 100% performance mark at GCSE, AS and A Level on the drums. Martin took his performance level to degree standard studying at Salford University.

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Max is into his rock and pop and has a thing for double bass pedals. Young and enthusiastic, Max is a great teacher for all ages.

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Piano // Music Production

Will is always positive, energetic, outgoing and happy. He is a trained classical pianist with ABRSM London. Will is currently obtaining his MA in Music Production. He also plays many other instruments to a high standard including, Drums, Brass and Guitar.

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Singing // Piano // Cello

Morgana is such a professional singer, pianist and cellist. She has an orchestral background and experience in big stage show singing.

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Drums // Percussion

With grades under his belt and with young enthusiasm, Sam is a great drum teacher. He has his BA in Music Production and is a great asset to our team.

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Guitar // Banjo // Bass // Ukulele // Vocals

A virtuoso guitarist with over 8 years teaching and gigging experience. He has a BA(hons) in Music and is currently working to obtain his MA. Tom is an enthusiastic teacher and an inspirational musician.

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Guitar // Mandolin // Ukulele

John maybe from the past, but he brings his knowledge and enthusiasm with him to the future. John is a qualified and experienced teacher as well as a performing artist.

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Latest News

Latest News.

April 2018

25th April 2018

Helloooooo. This is the second of our monthly blogs all about us here at Future Sound Music. I forgot to mention in our last blog that we were chosen to be a part of “Faces of Longridge”. This is a monthly photo exhibition which is displayed at Hoppy Days micro pub. The photos were taken… Read More »

March 2018

28th March 2018

Helloooooo. Thanks for making the effort of clicking the link and hopefully having a read. This is the first of a monthly blog where I’ll be letting you know what we’ve been up to, what we are up to and what we’ll be up to. So, over the course of March we gave away 5… Read More »

Future Sound Music Placeholder

Welcome to the new Future Sound Music website

23rd February 2017

We’re excited to announce that our new website is now live. We hope you like it and if you have any feedback, please let us know. If you’re interested in beginning your musical career, or want to ask us some questions, just give us a call or contact us.

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Gear Rundown // Guitars, Amps & Pedals

16th November 2016

Active since about 1990, Omar Rodriguez Lopez of At the Drive In, The Mars Volta, De Facto and Bosnian Rainbows (not forgetting his massive catalogue of solo work), has had an impressive amount of musical equipment over the years. In this video we’re going to look at the guitars, amps and effects used on some… Read More »

John Frusciante Gear Rundown // Part 3 // Guitars

1st November 2016

Welcome to part three of our John Frusciante series, this one’s about guitars. John Frusciante has been active in the music industry since 1988. Over this long period of time he has amassed what seems to be about forty quintillion guitars. Unfortunately in the nineties he wasn’t exactly sound of mind. This possibly resulted in… Read More »

John Frusciante Gear Rundown // Part 2 // Amplification

29th June 2016

This is Alan for Future Sound Music and this is part two in our John Frusciante series, this one is all about his amplification. Unlike the his pedals John kept his amplification rig fairly straight forward.

John Frusciante Gear Rundown // Part 1 // Pedals & Effects

16th June 2016

It’s time for another Future Sound Music Artist Touring Gear Rundown. This one’s all about John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, Ataxia, solo stuff. He’s been active since around 1988 so there’s a sheer amount of gear to get through.

What Equipment did Kurt Cobain use? Kurt Cobain’s touring gear

16th February 2016

Ever wondered how Kurt Cobain achieved his massive on stage sound? Welcome to Future Sound Music’s Artist, Touring gear, rig rundown. This is the first one we’ve done and it’s gonna be about Kurt Cobain.