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Our experienced teachers are here to help you or your children your favourite musical instruments. We teach Guitar, Piano, Drums, Singing and Woodwind to list a few. Also popular are our lessons for traditional instruments such as banjo, ukulele, violin, cello and mandolin. We take pupils of any age and any level; from complete novice to classical virtuoso or rock god. Due to our relaxed and fun approach to teaching we have become very popular for music lessons Preston.

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What we teach

We are an exciting new music academy in the heart of Lancashire. We love Music

What we teach

What We Teach.

Music Lessons Longridge Preston

Vocal Coaching

Learn the basics of singing right through to advanced techniques for power, vocal health and confidence. Whether you are pursuing a career or just want to learn to sing for a special occasion, we can help.

Guitar / Bass Guitar

Our guitar teachers are available for beginners through to advanced learners. If you are looking to learn for your own enjoyment, or seeking to obtain your guitar grades, we can design a learning journey for you.

Electronic Audio Production

Learn how to construct electronic music from initial song conception right through to mastering your final product. Our students can receive up to 40% off Ableton software.

Piano / Keyboard

Learn everything you need to know about playing the piano. Beginners to advanced learners can expect to be challenged and broaden their musical knowledge through various styles.

Percussion / Drums

Embark on drum grades or just learn for your own enjoyment; the choice is yours! From basic drum training to face melting time-signature changing solos. We’ll turn you from knee-tapper to drum god.

Woodwind / Sax / Flute / Clarinet / Recorder

A very popular choice for children and adults alike. Like all instruments, these take a lot of practise, but our woodwind teacher makes it really fun.

Banjo / Ukulele / Violin / Mandolin

These instruments are so often the ones you’ve had for a couple of years and never got around to starting. Our learning environment is fun, rewarding and challenging.

Music Lessons Preston
Reward System

Reward System.

More Lessons More Points!

Our unique points system guarantees rewards as you learn with us. Accumulate reward points for every lesson you attend with bonus points for additional objectives or tasks. Save up and trade in your reward points for exciting extras. Ask us for a leaflet to see what you can get for your points! The Reward System is unique to us and is our way to thank you for your continued support and reward your musical prowess!

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What our Students Say.

They have created a lesson structure that is perfect for me (as long as I practice!). I started from scratch learning the basics and keep adding a bit more every week. They have an easy going and approachable tutoring style, at a very competitive rate. I would definitely recommend them.


My 6 year old is having drumming lessons and my 9 year old is having electric guitar lessons here. They absolutely love going, they talk enthusiastically about their ‘homework’, it’s given them a great sense of achievement and it’s really helped develop their confidence and self esteem. I would highly recommend this place, I think they have some great ideas and a fantastic gem of a business in the heart of Longridge.


Lovely studio and great atmosphere, the staff are all so friendly and helpful! Would highly recommend if you are interested in learning or mastering an instrument!


My son had his first piano lesson today, he’s only 5 but he came out beaming & keen to show us what he had learnt. Thank you very much.


Very friendly and patient guys, would recommend to anyone, whether just beginning or wanting to brush up.

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